Planning application forms

Pre-application checklist and forms

You must send us the following so that we can reply to your request for pre-application advice. If you do not provide this information, our answer will be delayed because we will have to request this information from you:

  • full address of the site
  • full description of the proposed works

Site location plan: based on an up-to-date map at a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500, which must show all of the following:

  • the whole site clearly outlined in red (which must be named or numbered)
  • the surrounding properties
  • at least 2 names roads
  • the direction of North

You may also need to send us the following to help us answer your query. To prevent delays, please send us the following information if you think it will help us to answer your query:

  • photographs
  • existing and proposed floor plans - showing any new / altered buildings on the new site
  • existing and proposed elevations- showing any new / altered buildings on the site

Site plan showing the following:

  • the location of any new development within the site boundary
  • any new parking / access arrangements
  • the loss of any buildings / trees on the site

Pre-application forms

Pre-Application – householder / change of use (PDF 15.8KB)

Pre-Application advice – non-householder / commercial (PDF 22.9KB)


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