Protecting vulnerable adults from harm

Your rights

Everyone is entitled to live their life in safety without being mistreated, hurt or exploited by others. But some people's situations may make them more vulnerable to abuse and less able to protect themselves from harm or mistreatment.

Mistreating someone with care and support needs is abuse.

Failing to properly look after a person with care and support needs in your care is known as 'neglect'.

Both abuse and neglect of people with care and support needs is never acceptable.

We believe that everyone should:

  • be free from violence, abuse and fear
  • be respected by other people
  • be able to make choices about what affects them
  • feel safe

It is important to remember that if you are being abused, it is not your fault.

We take abuse of people with care and support needs very seriously - we will listen to your concerns and give you a prompt response.

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