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Comments, compliments and complaints

We welcome feedback; comments, compliments and complaints from our customers. Feedback is recorded and handled in line with our customer feedback procedure and we aim to use the experience of our customers to improve our services.

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You may have suggestions and ideas about how we could improve services or you may wish to express disappointment, disagreement or observations without wanting to make a complaint. Feedback of this nature is recorded as a comment and we aim to reply within 5 working days, where possible.


You may wish to tell us about a service that has been good or a member of staff who has been helpful. Feedback of this nature is recorded as a compliment and we aim to acknowledge receipt within 5 working days, where possible.


You may want to tell us if the quality or standard of a service falls short of what you would reasonably expect. Feedback of this nature is recorded as a complaint. There are different procedures for dealing with complaints depending on which area of the council the issues relate to: adult social care, health and housing / public health; children’s services; all other council services.

We take all customer complaints seriously, including discrimination. Read about our approach to Equality and Diversity.

Staff are expected to take all reasonable steps to ensure complaints are dealt with fairly but there may be times when we need to take steps to manage difficult behaviours or repeated complaints. Our vexatious or unreasonable policy (PDF 272.1KB) sets out how we deal with complaints of this nature.

Complaints about councillors and complaints about schools are not managed under this procedure.

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