Westlands older persons' home consultation

Westlands older persons' home consultation

Consultation started: Friday 31 May 2019

Consultation closes: Tuesday 30 August 2019

About this consultation

We are consulting on the future of Westlands older persons' home. Having reviewed a number of options for the future of the home (link opens in new window), our preferred option is to develop a new care home at Hockliffe Road, Leighton Buzzard with sufficient places at that home for anyone at Westlands who wishes to go there, and then to close Westlands. 

Background information

We want the best possible quality of life for all of our residents and are committed to developing and improving accommodation with care for older people.

We own and operate a number of care homes, including Westlands older persons' home in Leighton Buzzard, that were built several decades ago and no longer meet the expectations of customers and regulators in terms of facilities and accommodation.

We are in the middle of a seven-year programme to replace the capacity in the seven older person’s homes inherited from Bedfordshire County Council in 2009. Three homes have already been provided for, and new care home operators were identified to provide new places for Council customers in new homes they were building. 

The approach in Leighton Buzzard was expected to be similar, with the Council providing the former Police Station site on Hockliffe Road for a care home provider to build and operate a new care home. In 2017 The Council’s Executive approved commencement of a consultation on the future of Westlands, with this as the Council’s preferred option. However, after a good deal of initial interest, the Council was unable to secure a care home operator on acceptable terms and so has reviewed the options. We are still committed to the replacement programme and to the site in Hockliffe Road, so we are now actively working on the idea of building the new care home ourselves.

The Council is therefore consulting on the future of Westlands Care Home again. The preferred option is that the Council designs and constructs a new care home at the Hockliffe Road site and either operates the new home or enters into an agreement with a suitable provider to run the home. We would then discuss options with the residents, which would include a place in the new care home or an alternative care home if that was more suitable for the resident and met the Council’s criteria. Finally, residents would be helped to relocate to their new home and Westlands would be closed.

If this option is agreed it will take a minimum of two years to implement, during which time it is intended that Westlands would remain open.

The people who are most directly affected by the proposal are the people who live at Westlands, their relatives and the staff who work there. For these groups, we will organise meetings and events to enable everyone who wants, to participate in the consultation.

Read about the options considered for Westlands (link opens in new window)

Consultation Survey PDF (link opens in new window)

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